Indoor Painting

Bedroom-2Choosing an interior paint finish for your home or business is very important to the finished product. Paints have many classifications. Among the most important is the kind of finish it has. There are many things that go into making this decision, including what the room will be used for and how you want the light to reflect off the walls. Here are some of the most common paint finishes.

Matte. This finish is a muted look that does not reflect light. They look warm and inviting, rather than shiny and glamorous. They are not easy to clean, so you wont want to use it in kitchens or kids rooms.

Enamel. This finish can be matte but you can wash it easily so if you want those two elements, it could work for you. It would work well in higher traffic rooms. The light will be deflected as well. It does have a strong odor that can last for many days.

Eggshell. This finish can be just a tad glossy, but not much. Obviously, it resembles an eggshell. Dining rooms, sunrooms and even bedrooms would do well with this finish.

Satin. This finish has even more shine than eggshell, which makes them a bit easier to clean. Kitchens or recreation/game rooms would do well with this finish. They look great in any room where you like to entertain.

Semi-Gloss. This finish is tough and durable and has a much higher shine. If youre looking to be able to wipe the walls clean, then this would be a great choice. Bathrooms and kitchens or baby rooms can do well with this finish due to its ease of cleaning. Mostly it is used for trim, windows and doors.

Gloss. Nobody wants to see all the imperfections in a wall, so gloss finishes are not usually chosen. Light is highly reflected and its shine and gloss makes it unsuitable for interior walls. They can, however, be used for floors in the garage, trim work or doors. This is due to their high durability and tough exterior. They hold up to a lot of damage and traffic.