Organizing Ahead of Your Painting Job

Posted on: June 23, 2015 by in Painting
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Organizing Painting InsideIf you find yourself getting ready to take on the task of painting the interior of your house, you will need to get yourself organized so you can move through the task easily and efficiently. It doesnt need to be overwhelming, just organized. Consider the following before you dive in.

Painting Prep

We cant stress this enough. You MUST prepare the walls, floors, and other parts of your room before you start! If not, you will find yourself backtracking and in a frustrating situation. As for the order of things, you will want to start with the ceiling if you plan on doing that. Then do the walls, and lastly, do the trim. Doing it this way will prevent a do-over of the walls or even the trim. Paint splatters, and often you will be using latex on one surface and enamel on the other, so you need to avoid those messes. Touch up is always possible, but why not avoid it if you can?

Before you begin

Think about repairs to the walls or other surfaces you will be painting. Holes need to be patched, imperfections might need to be sanded down, if youre using a darker color, you should apply a primer, and there may be areas that need some caulking. Dont skip these steps! They will only come back to bite you later. Do things in the right order and you will be a happy camper.

Patch holes. You dont need a handyman or carpenter to do this. Simply get some joint compound or a spackling paste made for repairing holes and apply that to the hole. Get it inside the hole as well. Let it dry overnight. Then sand to a smooth finish. This will assure that when you paint, you will get a beautiful smooth finish, no matter how many pictures hung there.

Consider putting fresh caulk on your trim like baseboards or edges of cabinetry and youll get a much more beautiful result. Obviously, if youre using white paint, use white caulk!

The Painting

Start with the ceiling and then take a very angled brush able to get a fine edge and start edging in your borders around the walls. After cutting in the trim around the walls, you can begin to use a roller to finish the larger areas of the walls. It may take two coats. Remember that especially with higher sheen finishes, the roller will give you a more uniform look and avoid the brush marks. When it comes to rollers, lamb hair is the Cadillac. Polyester rollers cause more of the paint to splatter while higher-quality rollers will hold the paint and give you a smoother result. It can be worth it to spend the extra money because you can always wash them off and re-use them.

Choosing Color For Painting

Trim generally should have a lighter color than walls. Ceilings can go either way, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Many people get bold in their color choice for ceilings. Think about your dcor in the whole house and create a flow to the overall look. This might mean choosing various earth tones.

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