Tips for Painting Your Kitchen

Posted on: June 23, 2015 by in Painting
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Newly Painted KitchenMost of us would agree that we do a lot of living in our kitchens. Its always known as the central hang-out of any home, where people gather to talk, eat and yes, even clean up. So, its no wonder that we want the kitchen to reflect our personality, and one way to do that is through paint and dcor. Painting your kitchen doesnt have to be expensiveand, in fact, can be one of the most cost effective ways to breathe fresh air to a boring or tired kitchen! Our tips will get you started.

Consider the following before beginning the painting

  • Make the decision whether you will do the painting yourself or hire a professional.
  • Clean all surfaces and sand the cabinets before beginning the painting.
  • Consider your color. This is the time to gather samples and make sure that its a color you love and find inspiring. Make sure it flows with the rest of the dcor in your house.
  • If youre painting the cabinets, consider the original wood color. Lighter wood does better with lighter colors and vice versa.
  • Get quality paint! Good paint is worth the money because it will adhere better and last much longer.
  • Make sure you get paint that you can wipe clean once its dry. There will surely be spills and youll want to be sure its easy to clean up.

Its not always true that a light color makes the room feel bigger. If its an open space, you can absolutely choose a darker color, which can feel warm and inspiring. As we said above, never buy the cheapest paint. Remember that it will take twice as much low-quality paint to accomplish the result of one coat of high-quality paint, so you arent saving money. In fact, sometimes it can take 3-4 coats of paint if its a lower quality paint!

You may want to repaint or decorate your kitchen a little more often than other rooms, so cost matters. Theres no doubt that paint is cheaper than wallpaper and far more modern. You can change it as often as you like without spending tons of money. Since kids are full of grimy hands, years of cooking and spilled foods, along with grease and burned on foods, you will want to clean thoroughly before starting any painting job. Remember if you are using a darker color that you will need to prime first.

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