Why Hiring MD Coatings & Specialty Finishes Makes Sense

Why Hiring MD Coatings & Specialty Finishes Makes Great Sense in Both Time and Money.

Finishing with color is one of the most commonly done home improvement projects. A fresh coat of finish job gives a new look to the homes exterior, interior, cabinetry and flooring without making any changes to the structural foundation. A fresh coat of finish is the most cost effective way to add appeal to your home or business. MD Coatings will not only give you the perfect finish but will also provide you with the best professional customer service!

When choosing MD Coatings you are hiring a licensed professional finishing contractor who carries Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. In addition you are gaining a contractor with years of project management experience, finishing expertise and highly qualified finishers that have been with MD Coatings since its inception.

Finishing projects require specialized knowledge and skills; from choosing the correct material for the climate, correctly preparing surfaces, material application and time saving measures. I take pride in MD Coatings projects and work in partnership with the customer to develop a customized plan to meet the individual project needs. MD coatings is an expression of who I am and a symbol of what I believe in! That is why I am involved with all projects big and small and critically review all work before turning over to the customer for final approval.

My staff and I look forward to working with you on your current and future projects.

Mark W. Dirkes